At the Foot of the Mountain
An Early History of Manzanita, Classic Ridge and Neah Kah Nie

At the Foot of the Mountain

At the Foot of the Mountain reveals how a region nestled in the shadows of Neahkahnie Mountain and overlooking the vast Pacific, became the charming beach community of today.

This handsome book tells the unique history of the Neahkahnie and Manzanita area from the mid 1800's until the 1840's. Local lore about shipwrecks and the legendary Neahkahnie treasure is detailed, as is the struggle to build a community in the days before reliable roads and access to the bigger cities.

Meet the Nehalem Indians, the first homesteaders, the entrepreneurs and the artists who were inspired by this place where the mountain meets the sea.

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The Kardell store, in 1913, was the first grocery store in Manzanita and the community hub.
This was Laneda Avenue in 1913. 
Driving around Hug Point was an adventure.

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